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Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Personally, I have gone through struggles of getting pregnant and staying pregnant. The loss of two miscarriages and the stillbirth of our daughter Nevaeh that occurred on January 9th 2019, a date that will always be remembered. The month of October is for pregnancy and infant loss and even though I have gone through the experiences of a couple of these losses, I wanted to continue to do the service of learning more and took a class on Pregnancy and Infant Loss: Effective Strategies to Support Grief and Treat Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression in Bereaved Parents. I will admit, this hit home and I was teary eyed through a lot of this.

This was very insightful to learn about all forms of pregnancy and infant loss as well as the grief and loss that comes along with it. There is a lot of grief to navigate individually, as a couple and even for other family members, for example siblings. We do not know how long grief will take, but we do know that the first 6 months of a loss is the most intense.

Sharing your loss can be difficult, because not everyone will understand your loss since they do not know baby like you do and what baby meant to you. From this, people do not know what to say and often say the wrong thing. I wanted to post the things TO SAY:

There are therapy modalities to follow when there is a pregnancy and infant loss, but the main role of a therapist is to be there to listen. People going through grief need to process this grief...their hopes, dreams, expectations and all the thoughts and feelings going through them. Here are additional resources to help as well:

Remember you and your partner do not need to go through loss alone and therapy can help to process these feelings as well as help both of you stay stronger as a couple.

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