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Therapy Services

Individual Therapy

True transformation happens when you work on yourself with a professional who has the skills and knowledge to guide you toward your personal goals. Learn to have healthy relationships and cope better when life gets tough.

Psychology Session

Couples Therapy

Couples reach out for help for a variety of reasons: not communicating, fighting over little things, ignoring big issues, resenting each other, mistrusting each other, discovering infidelity, trying to figure out if they should divorce, feeling distant and disconnected, even navigating infertility and loss. 

You need results! Learn strategies to build a stronger marriage (or committed relationship), practical tools, restored hope and trust, and a fresh perspective on your relationship.

Couples Therapy

Premartial Counseling

Want to make sure you are on the same page before you say 'I do'. With the help of Prepare and Enrich assessment we dive into how you both respond to topics such as family, finances, disagreements, children and even where to spend your quality time. Let's see if we can make you two even stronger than you already are! $300 for three-50 min sessions (includes assessment)

Wedding Day

Teens/Young Adults

Classes, homework, sports, after school activities, make time for family, go to work and try to hang out with friends or have time for a relationship...are you feeling stretched and overwhelmed? There are a lot of changes, emotions and pressure as you get older, which can be difficult to make the right decisions and choices. Take time with a professional to share how life is really going while gathering valuable skills and tools to cope, learn and grow. 

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